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Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz Game

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Physical space: Some games can get a little rowdy and require room to play. Consider the amount of space you have available and whether furniture, or other items, will need to be moved before playing. A game that requires you to shift heavy objects first is less likely to get played as much in the home. Classic games or modern games? Different versions are available depending on who you are planning on playing with. This varies in topics although the fast-paced gameplay does stay the same. Encourage creative thinking. The cards included in the game are deceptively simple—it’s actually harder to pin down what your card is than you might think! Players have to be creative with their questions; for example, asking Am I smaller than a toaster? will give you a better idea of what your card could be than just asking Am I small? Well, I guess you can rule out elephants and rhinos! But there are LOTS of animals smaller than a refrigerator. Keep asking questions. If you have a hedbanz game at home (like the one pictured on the left), use the blue headbands by slipping an index card into the front of each headband. If you do not have this game, no worries! You can also have the person just hold the card up to their forehead without looking at it.

Each person then takes a turn asking the audience YES or NO questions to try and figure out what is written on their card. You can have each person go one at a time, each asking questions until they have figured out what is on their card… On your turn, flip over the timer and ask each of the other players a question that will help you identify the picture on your head. If you guess the picture before the timer runs out, take another card and put it on your headband (remember not to peek). Continue asking questions until the timer runs out. For each picture you guess correctly, put one of your chips in the bank. Then it becomes the next player's turn. You’ll discover clues to your identity by asking questions. The Sample Questions card might give you some good ideas of questions to ask. But you can only ask questions that can be answered with a yes or a no.The box includes 16 suspect cards, 16 thief cards, 12 clue markers, four detective pawns, three custom dice, one fox figure, one evidence scanner, the game board and a rule sheet. Some pieces can be a choking hazard for very young children, so it’s not suitable for children under three. Develop your child’s working memory and listening comprehension. It may take many questions before you can figure out what your card is. Kids will have to remember all the answers they’ve been given and be able to use those clues to find the answer—and develop valuable memory and comprehension skills at the same time! Items that are not available in store will take 3-5 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to be delivered to your nominated store. The question cards show sample questions that you could ask to help you figure out what you are. These questions are only a guide; you don't have to ask them if you don't want to. You can use any question except, "What am I? " At any point you may ask, "Am I a...?"

With the youngest player starting the game, they will need to ask questions about what is on the card. Keep asking questions until the timer runs out. If time runs out before you’ve figured out what your card is, move on to the next player. But don’t worry…you can ask more questions about your own card on your next turn.The point of the game being that each person has to guess what their card says, the catch being everyone else knows except the person with the card. It’s an awesome indoor game for kids (and adults). This fast and fun game sees the players acting as the board. Each player wears a headband with a card that they can’t see, they then have to ask the other players questions about what’s on their card, and the first to guess it wins the round. The winner of each round gets a scoring badge to put on their headband, and the first to three wins the game. PLAY AT LIGHTSPEED: Rules change in a flash as your electronic headband lights up 1 of 3 colors. Guess as many cards as you can before your headband sings! Player with the most points wins! It goes for approximately 3 minutes. So, if you are using a replacement timer for Hedbanz, it is best to set it at around 3 minutes. Six adjustable headbands and over 60 cards are included, so there’s plenty of fun for everyone! Hedbanz is recommended for ages 7 and up. A Hedbanz Junior version is also available for even younger children. Let’s Play Hedbanz!

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