ACHEDAWAY Cupper - All New Cupping Therapy Set - Smart Electric Cupping Massager with Red Light Therapy

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ACHEDAWAY Cupper - All New Cupping Therapy Set - Smart Electric Cupping Massager with Red Light Therapy

ACHEDAWAY Cupper - All New Cupping Therapy Set - Smart Electric Cupping Massager with Red Light Therapy

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The Achedaway Cupper not only employs the dynamic cupping method, but it takes this technique a notch higher. We enjoyed reviewing their massage guns ( 5 th gen Pro and 2 nd gen mini), but today we’ll discuss their smart cupping device – the TheraCup. Therabody promises three therapies in one device: suction, heat, and vibration. Let’s see how does it performs then. We are glad the Achedaway Cupper has competition now. We are hoping this drives the prices down further. Even so, they are fairly priced. Plus, you’re getting them from top brands. Although the cup can still be utilized to do both traditional (static) and dynamic cupping, it has a unique twist to it as well. It uses rhythmic alterations of suction and release. This is not a common feature, and you won’t find it with manual cups or even the ones that use pumps.

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How does the suction compare to Achedaway? The Achedaway Cupper has a wider range, from 20kPa to 60kPa, and up to 5 levels. This makes the Achedaway Cupper stronger at higher levels. The device brings to the fore the dynamic cupping technology, or what they are calling smart cupping. Although to some extent this may sound like a marketing ploy (what’s the difference with any other cup anyway), it’s not.The Smart Cupper™ brings all of the benefits from traditional cupping to the table, but also includes built-in red light and dynamic heat therapy, to improve blood flow and circulation which will relieve muscle fatigue and help you recover faster. It is compact and rechargeable, allowing you to carry it anywhere. Copper wire, tubing, and piping are still some of the most commonly used building materials in the plumbing and electrical industries. Here are some of its most common uses:

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But it all comes down to the dynamic suction with the pre-programmed modes complemented with the Red Light therapy. It’s marvelous! We can wholeheartedly recommend the device for these features alone. Michael Phelps, Conor McGregor, Stephen Curry, Steven Adams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and James Harrison are some of the well-known athletes who have used cupping therapy for muscle recovery. The vibrations aren’t great enough to influence the therapy, but they provide a soothing feeling, which is nice. The side buttons activate vibrations (the wave icon) and heat (the fire icon). These too have 3 levels. Furthermore, they even thought to include a lanyard that connects to the cupping device, so you can avoid any unwanted drops when your session ends! In fact, the device even does a "beeping countdown" at the end of each timed session, which also helps give you a chance to reset and remove the cupping device as needed.However, it’s not just the heat and the suction; they have added vibrations for a soothing effect or to enhance tension release within the tissues.

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We hope for an option to extend the warranty. It would be awesome to have this because it means a brand is willing to stand behind their product. We wouldn’t mind paying for such a thing. After you get a cupping sesh, it’s a good idea to avoid showering for a few hours. The reason is, your skin’s been through some stuff during the treatment, like being pulled and stretched, and the pores are a bit more open than usual. Cupping Therapy: An Overview from a Modern Medicine Perspective. Tamer S Aboushanab, Saud AlSanad. DOI: 10.1016/j.jams.2018.02.001 We mine copper in large open-pits in Chile and Peru. Copper can occur naturally but is most often mined via minerals such as chalcopyrite and bornite. Leaching, smelting, and electrolysis processes purify this copper. it’s usually mined via: We like how compact this TheraCup is. The quality is great, and we feel it will serve us for a while. What’s even better, it doesn’t look fragile. When we first got a hold of the Achedaway Cupper, we feared what might happen if we dropped it. It’s not the case with TheraCup by Therabody – it feels sturdy.We’re not sure about the battery’s capacity, but the device can last for 120 minutes with a full charge. Welcome to our Achedaway Cupper review. In this article we’ll look at Achedaway’s new cupper device that takes cupping therapy to a whole new level.

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Apart from the device and the cups, there is also a USB-C cable for charging the device and a basic manual in different languages. You will only find a basic user manual.Simply put, you’re getting a pretty powerful suction out of this thing. Even at first level the suction is pretty robust. No chance the device falls off once you’ve hooked it onto your body. Well, this may be somewhat surprising, but Achedaway beats Therabody here. This TheraCup doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. There is no Automatic gliding. Wouldn’t it be super-amazing if the device could actually glide through the body as it massages you – perhaps a setting for this? Call it wishful thinking, but nothing is too wishful these days, is it? To select a mode, press the M button on the device. The level increases with each press of the button. The green bars LEDs indicate the current level.

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